THE MATH: (Lilith + Gemini) TRINE (Jupiter + Aquarius) = Desert Wind


Lilith calls Jupey back.

She leaves a voicemail…
"What do you know about
the Desert Wind?  How long
have you ever really been
with it?  When it kicks up
dust, like fog, I want to dance
in it.  It is the only Time

the Sky here reminds me
of my homeland.  And I would
move under the Moon tonight,
if Dust wouldn't choke me
in it.  Instead, I lay in the bed
of my truck, and listen, as it

howls, and rocks this vessel
I dwell in.  I have grown
accustomed to the feeling of it.
And it's really not that different
from sleeping on the Sea.  Living
close to the elements has alWays

come easy to me.  The weather is
just a fact that you adjust
yourself around.  I will alWays
choose to live close to the ground.
Gaia does not tell you lies,
the Way the cities can compound them.

She doesn't want you any
less if you are not hip, sick,
or wounded.  She doesn't care
about your politics.  She follows
her own rhythms.  And the Wind
blows, and the Nights are cold,

and the Days are warm."

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