THE MATH: (Uranus Rx + Taurus) SEXTILE (Pallas Athene + Pisces) = the Shores of Nows


On the Island, Arachne weaves,

as Athena takes a breather.

She steps out onto the beach,
speaking spells to herSelf…
The Shores of Nows

The Ocean waves, whether or not
you choose to listen.  A show
of Force; creating and un-creating

each moment.  The sound of a turning
World.  Silence exists someplace,
just not Here.  The shift

from Island to Tideland is both
soothing and overwhelming,
at the same Time.  A reminder

it is All happening at once.
No need to piece each Now 
together in a string of linear

Tales.  Time is Spirals, laid
into One-another.  No need
to wait, When you are

of the Fae.  You birth
each moment from a Springing
thought.  A science, yet

the mortals call it Magick.
I will rest Here, scrawling Nows
on the husks of broken mussels.

I will dream a life, incited
by the rumbling tide; sounds
pushing through my veins

like shells, sea glass, and
pebbles, churned to softened
grains of stories on my shore.

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