THE MATH: Mercury + Vesta + Sun CONJUNCT Sagittarius = the Blade


“What up, V!” shouts

Mercury, towing Sunny beside

him. Sun shines his flash

-Light on Vesta. She is caught,

red-handed, making rubbings

in the graveyard…

Sunny casts his rays on Vesta's grave
as they stand before her epitaph. 
She speaks its spell, for her old friend,
carved below the inscription:
Not. Dead. Yet.

"More Light means more 
density being shed.  It comes

in waves.  Let it be remembered
the Earth is your friend.

She will give and take if you can
remember to tap into her.

Like a root, be held.  You are
not alone.  You are alWays

with her.  Like a plant, feel
the mystery of the Sun, kissing

your form, and grow towards him.
This is the easy Way to let

go of all you cannot change.
It is a challenge to remember

you are Nothing special; a flower,
or a blade of grass, like All

the rest.  Rest in the knowing
of this.  Be humble as you sit

with it.  The days of young and
special spent, choose to be

the blade and not
the blossom, picked."

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