THE MATH: (Sun + Sagittarius) TRINE (Chiron Rx + Aries) = Sun Gazer


Chiron watches Sunny

do his dance, and make

his shapes…
"In the Dawn, I gaze
at our Sun, as he rises
in a yellow-purple blaze.

In these first movements,
the Sun's rays are gentle
enough, so you can look

into his whole, and see
the Way Light spirals there,
and circulates.  It is challenging

not to smile, although I do
not put up a fight.
When you gaze at the Sun

rise, you witness the Ultra
-Violet, there, in front of you
-not just a theory written

on a page.  You feel
his kindness, rather than
the terror of a toxic ray.

Both are true.  You look aWay,
and notice how you notice,
how the Light plays through

everything.  If you can,
choose not to fear the Sun,
as he begins to lift

into the Day.
Experiment with the Way
his image wakes you."

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