THE MATH: (Pluto + Capricorn) INCONJUNCT (Lilith Rx + Gemini) = at any moment


Lilith speaks to the Wind…

"Here, in the Desert, with no
one but mySelves and this ancient
aching, I feel the Void that is

older than Time.  In my longing
I run outwards, to the Edge
of In, and I find all I need

to do, is let it take me back.
May we break through some
new illusion that we may not

live this Dream, at any
moment, if it helps to.
Focus on what meets you

Be curious.  Receive the Tide
that waves in, and respect
the Tide that tows

into the Sea.  It matters how we move
through eachOther.  We incorporate
what we wave into, and there is balm

in the Way the Other is impetus
through narrow portals.  Be it that
we are pushed out, or taken in."

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