THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Gemini) INCONJUNCT (Pluto + Capricorn) = it’s easy


Lilith is tender today.

Lucy knows, but, he pokes her

anyWay. She asks him
to let go…
"It is easy to be
a smug flower-picker,
who never lets himself

be known.  He tells the flower 
how simple it is to be a human,
and how she should compose

herself.  It is easy to know
the flower's wound, as you watch
 her grow from the outside

-poking your fingers in the Heart
of her bud as it blossoms,
never having risked your own.

Does it make you feel powerful,
to harm the Love that you
don't want, but wont let

go?  Kindly, could you
wave on through and a-Way from
me, Now, Lucifer?  I am not a flower

anymore.  Call it a lesson learned."

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