THE MATH: (Vesta + Sagittarius) SQUARE (Pallas Athene + Pisces) = Your Favorite Armor


On the Island, Vesta asks,

“What is taking you

so long, Athena?” as she

glances at the braid still only
just begun, laid before the last
wall of stripped fabric.  The last
pallet she will see this Way,
'til who knows When.

"Mostly that it literally
just hurts, so I stop a lot,"
Athena responds, simply. 

"Will you ever make another
labyrinth after this?"

"I will not say never,
but as of Now, I forSee
a rug Here, a rug here.
However, the fewer, the better.
I hope that it is many
years before I weave 
this Way again."

"Will you miss it?" Vesta asks.

"How can I miss a practice
that I brought into being?
No, Vesta, it lives inside of me.
I have folded into the Weave.
I cannot lose it."

Vesta raises her eyebrows,
"You know you're quoting
Jupiter, right?"

"He got those lines,
from me, bitch."

"Well I heard he's coming
this Way, on his Magick
carpet, carrying a Torch
that can get wet."

"So you're telling me
my dad is coming into town."

"Yes, did you like how
I wove it in?  A nice
soft landing."

"I gotta gtfo of Here."

"Relax, I booked you a train to Aries,
before he can catch up with you.
Better go pick out,
your favorite armor."

"Okay, but first
I have to finish these rugs."

"Then finish the fucking rugs,

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