THE MATH: (Pallas Athene + Pisces) SQUARE (Vesta + Sagittarius) = the Crack


Vesta sits balled up

in a corner, as Athena

watches her…
"So some dude, who's been stalking you 
on social media since you were 16,
morphed into a dark-hearted psychologist
who studies you, obsessively, because
your Light annoys him, and he has decided
you are a neurotic witch nightmare,
and he's pissed he was hung up
on you, for so long."


"But before you realized
his contempt for you, you managed
to fall in Love with him,
and he let you, and then he crushed it."

"Yeah, I had a nervous breakdown.
13 years was a long time,
to leave so much unsaid.
I am in Love with an Energy,
but it's all very
Stockholm syndrome."

"And you're psychically
connected to him."


"And he does not
believe in psychics."


"And he hates women."

"Yeah, he thinks
we are all his mom."

"And he likes hurting you,"

"Yes, but, he would say,
'I'm letting myself be
hurt.  No one can make me
feel anything.'"

"So block him."

"Lao Tzu would say,
'There is no greater illusion
than fear, no greater wrong
than preparing to defend
yourself, no greater misfortune
than having an enemy.'
Also, it's a website,
I can't really block him.
I do wish he would stop
poking me though.  It feels
like rape, and he knows that,
but he does it anyWays."

"He thinks it's funny."

"I guess so, yeah.
He feels powerful,
because there are
'no consequences'."

"I have learned, there are alWays
consequences," Athena states, "though
they may not reveal themselves
right aWay."

Vesta shrugs.

"And you think it's..." Athena trails,
and Vesta picks up, "Sad."

"So what are you
going to do about it?"
Athena asks.

"I visualize the statue, 
by Paige Bradley, of the naked
woman, sitting, with cracks
all through her body, filling
with Light, from the inside
out," Vesta says, as she
closes her eyes,
and hugs her knees.

Athena sits down,
cross-legged, across from
Vesta, "I will hold it,
with you," she says.

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