THE MATH: (Vesta + Sagittarius) TRINE (Chiron + Aries) = his reflection


Vesta writes a letter,

to her creep…
The Void is too wide.
I would waste
my words, continuing

to try and "make you"
understand the pain
of you, even though I am

the part of the Tao
that screams its head off
all day.  Do you

hope, someday, we
will all say, "Congratulations!
We did it!"  Do you 

hope that, on that day,
you will give yourself
a pat on the back, as if

you yourself are "the Master"?
Done everything, by doing
Nothing?  You injured

me, as a child, and held
me, intentionally, in
the split of you.  You are

not the Master.
The Master never
would have acted

upon me, his
reflection, in
the first place.

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