THE MATH: (Vesta + Sun CONJUNCT Sagittarius) SQUARE (Pallas Athene + Pisces) = Dawn


“Vesta!” Athena whispers,

gently shaking her

awake, where Vesta lays

before the Fireplace…
"I have finished weaving
the last of the Labyrinths.
Will you come and see them?"

Vesta's cheeks are lined
with salt, and her eyes
are rimmed with red, but
she smiles into Athena's eyes
as she rises, to see them.  She crouches
before the rugs, in the Weaving
room, whispering back, "It is
the Night Sea, and the Softened
Sun at Dawn," Vesta says.

Athena kneels beside her,
"It is the Night Sea,"
she says as she touches
One, "And it is you,
Vesta," she speaks
as she touches the Dawn.

Vesta does not
say anything, but
her eyes fill with
Water, as Athena folds
Vesta, in her arms.

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