THE MATH: (Juno + Capricorn) TRINE (Uranus Rx + Taurus) = Lamb Catchers


“Okay. Okay,” Uranus

interrupts, “Arachne, shut up,

and listen to the letter I am

crafting for Saturn…”
Uranus clears his throat...

"I have been in many
fractals since you knew
my Light, in front of you.

Not the One Side I
show you at a Time,
within a screen.

I change shape.
If you eat Time with me,
you will see.  You are

not required to stay
for any part of it.  I will be
tired, sometimes. In

mySelves.  Withdrawn. Unreachable.
Other Times I will be scribbling
madly, and do not fucking talk

to me.  My changeability is
the Only UnChanging Thing
about me.  No one really cares

so long as I know
my boundaries, and do not
impose mySelves upon them."

Uranus looks up, and blinks,
"So," he says, "What do you
think, so far?"

Arachne trails in..."Remember
this Summer, When you stationed Rx,
and manipulated Mysteries Inc.
into playing Clue with you?"

"Yeah, of course, I did it
the year before last, too."

"You don't consider that
an imposition of your Will?"

Uranus shrugs,
"They liked it."

Arachne tilts her head,
"Venus laid on the landing
waiting for her 'surprise'
for 4 hours, Uranus.  Then,
everyone rushed in, and 
'Dr. Fairly-Whethered'
killed her off."

"I never lied.
I told her, I only kid
50% of the Time.  She got
her surprise."

"Mars is still recovering
from his encounter with Lilith,
Uranus.  I still can't get him
to speak about it.  All he would say
is, 'She taught me how
to catch a lamb.'"

Uranus grins, "That's my little, Lilikoi."

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