THE MATH: (Uranus + Taurus) INCONJUNCT (Solar Eclipse Sagittarius) = Changing


“I dunno,” Sunny sighs,

on the phone with Uranus,

“I’m having trouble, regulating,

you know? I just keep doing things
that I don’t want to anymore.”
Uranus trances out,
and responds,

People talk about how
they lack Self

-control, like they are
bad people, rather than people
asked to deny themSelves,

from the moment they are
born.  I tell them,
"Join the club," I tell them,

"I am not a therapist, and
 I do not see a therapist,
but I hear it helps."  What helps

me, is Creativity.  We all need
an outlet, to the inlet
where we can heal ourSelves.

Poor impulse control is a River
I wield, or wields me, depending
on the Day.  I do not

"cure" it.  I let it be
the Cure, and I collect
my words until I see

my stories only hurt mySelves,
unless I dream them differently.
Without me, there is no Changing."

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