(Juno + Moon CONJUNCT Capricorn) INCONJUNCT (Lilith Rx + Gemini) = who’s seen her


Arachne calls Lilith

on Facetime…

"Look who I found,"
Arachne smiles, and pulls
a long, and golden thread.
She reels Medusa into the frame,
as she has bound her,
in a glinting chrysalis.

"Hi Lilith," Medusa says
wiggling her fingers 
where her arms are pinned
to her sides.

"Medusa, where the hell
have you been?"

"I followed you
through your little
Samsara portal."

"Well, you are
a fucking idiot.  I am 
not a person who can be
followed, Medusa.  I am
a calculation, denoting the point
in the Moon's orbit, When she is
farthest aWay from Earth.  I am
not where you want to be."

"But I thought you swore
allegiance, to Uranus?
Doesn't that make you, like,
with the Earth, in Taurus?"
Medusa asks.

"Yes, I would like very much
to return all the Way
to the Earth Body,"
Lilith calls back.

"Lili, has anyone told you,
you have this whole,
Hermione Granger thing
going on, lately?"
Medusa switches tracks.

"I'm letting my hair
do its dance," 
Lilith shrugs.

"You have a lot of it,"
Medusa says, studying her mane.

"I know, the hairstylists
alWays tell me that.  Like
no fucking shit, can you please
help me take some weight out?"

"It's starting to look
like mine," Medusa grins,
"What's your hair care
routine like?"

"I just stimulate it,
at the root, and it starts
developing its own
Force Field."

"So it's like an entity."

"I guess so.  It is
definitely magnetic.
I have stopped trying
to control it.  I simply
moderate it." 

"That's what I say
about my snakes..."

"Fuck, you're right,
I might be turning
into you."

Medusa smiles,
"Are you sure I have not
found you after All?"

"What are you going
to do with her, Arachne?"
Lilith asks, changing
the topic.

Arachne shrugs casually,
smiling, as her eyes
rest on Medusa, "Set her free.
I just thought, you might
like to see One
-another first."

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