THE MATH: (Moon + Venus + Pluto CONJUNCT Capricorn) SEXTILE (Mars + Scorpio) = Leads


Medusa thinks out loud

as she hangs a while longer
in Arachne’s web…
"It is confusing, noticing
so many wires, crossed within.
Wanting and not wanting

Mars to touch me.  On.  Off.
Switch, strobing in my Heart.
I could hear his beat

as I laid where he held
me.  I realized 
I had not heard

another's Heart
beat, in years.  AlWays
every few years, to be Here

with the man, who was
 once the boy who had been
my friend.  I remembered him,

he was a best, and most
annoying friend, "Do you
remember," I asked him, "When

I went to study at the Temple?"
"Yeah," he called back,
"You were so jazzed, about it.

Do you remember how
I became school leader, and you
wrote my graduation speech?"

"No," I said, "but it sounds like
me.  Do you remember how I changed,
the second Time, I came back?"

"Yeah," he said, "You wouldn't
let me touch you anymore.
How does your body

feel Now?" he asked.
"I do not know yet," I said,
"She and I are still reconciling."

"Cool story Gretel,"
Arachne says,  "Here, I think
you'll find this song, painfully

Venus presses play...

Medusa remembers Mars

when they were teenagers…
When I was 16,
he picked me up, on foot,
in the snow, under

streetlamps, on the ice
covering the stoop
 of my dorm house.  I signed out,

and we tried and did not try
to eat shit, as we
slid, giggling

to the auditorium,
to hear a pianist,
and to be in

the mystery together.
Mars wanted to be
Andy McKee, and
a photographer.  He was
a Pisces, who wore X's
on his hands, and wrote me

a christmas card, in graffiti,
telling me to smell the flowers.
He was never without his camera,
or a guitar, or something.
In the dim passage, between
the landing and the high end

of the sloping theater,
just ahead, he pivoted
to dance with me.

Enclosed with him, in the idle
place, I waxed shy, even
though I knew Way

more moves than he
did.  Frozen,
I let him lead.

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