THE MATH: (Vesta + Sagittarius) SQUARE (Athena + Pisces) = uptight and chaste


On the Island, Vesta

glances at the clock

above the Fire place

and sighs…
"Come on, Athena.  If we miss
the ferry,  we will never catch
the train," she says as she opens
Athena's bedroom door,
"Why do you look
so miserable?"

"Getting dressed alWays
gives me an identity crisis,"
Athena says, as she stands
in her underwear, holding
a soft pink dress in one hand,
and a dark flannel in the other.

Vesta shrugs,
"Clothes are costumes."

"Well how do you do it?"

Vesta walks into Athena's
closet, "When I travel
I make mySelves as bland
as possible."

"Why?"  Athena calls
in after her.

"There is safety
in going unnoticed.
Lilith calls it
'making yourSelves
Dusty,'" Vesta says
as she walks back out
with a pair of overalls.

"Think of it like,
your most casual armor."

"It's not going to matter
what I put on my body.
The believers will still see
I am a Goddess."

Vesta shrugs, "Well, great,
that means, the majority will
not notice you at all."

Athena's eyes go wide
and sad, "You mean, no One
believes in me, anymore?"

Vesta smiles, knowingly,
"Don't take it personally,
Athena.  It is just not
hip, to be uptight
and chaste, at the moment."

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