THE MATH: (Venus + Capricorn) CONJUNCT (Pluto + Capricorn) = Oracle of Passeridae


"Pluto!" Venus cries,
rushing into his office, "Look
what I found, nailed to the wood
of the gates that mark
the entrance to your mines..."

She lays out a dust-darkened
scroll, written in the glyphs
of a hand he knows, by Heart.
It is Persephone's.


You cannot predict the impact
of all transits equally.  
You have to take in

to account a planet's
qualities, and the pace
of its orbit.  Of the outermost

planets, a few degrees movement
marks the passage of years.
You will never see that planet

at that same degree, again,
in your lifetime.  Other planets
keep coming, over and over

again, but their stays
are shorter, and track
like hopscotch.

The impact of an outer
planet, is more like 
a sustained experience

of being moved through,
that you are going to 
have to get used to,

whether you like it,
or not.  And one day
it will leave, and never

come back, and you will not be
the same.  It is thorough in 
its messaging, unlike an inner planet,

like Mercury, scattering Mystery
like snow in a globe, so generous,
and endlessly. A Pluto transit

changes a person, in the 
deepest Way.  And it does
the same, for a nation,

like the USA, as Pluto
experiences a Return
to the same degree he ruled

when this trash-dumpster 
society was "born.  One nation,
under God, indivisible, with

Liberty and Justice for All."
Yes, our God, Pluto
is returning.  Who are you

in this great play
of disintegration?  We have
further yet to fall.


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