THE MATH: (Vesta + Sagittarius) SQUARE (Athena + Pisces) = the Librarian


Athena leans

over Vesta’s shoulder,

where she is clicking

and clacking, into

the computer…

"Vesta, what are you doing?"
Athena asks her.
Vesta jumps, and resettles,

"I'm turning my brain
into a Game, of Bandersnatch,"
she says matter of fact,

without looking back at her.
"So it's like
a choose your own

adventure novel?"
Athena offers.
"Yes," V shrugs.

"Why do that though?"
Athena wonders.
Vesta takes a deep breath,

and doles out some run on
sentences, "Well I watched 
these Reels about ADHD,

and I think I probably
have it, though I've never
been diagnosed, and who

fucking cares, at this point,
BUT, I wonder if this is
a common trait, among fae

babies.  If their brains
work like mine, it's fun
to press buttons, and follow

the dopamine, PLUS, I am
the only Librarian in this joint."
"I see," Athena says,

but she doesn't, "So it is
like you are making
your own web."

"Yeah, pretty soon, it will
connect in loops, patterns
and spirals..." Vesta trails.

"How charming," Athena furrows,
in glanced concern, at Vesta,
"Does anyone read it?"

Vesta shrugs and waves her
aWay, having been interrogated
enough for one day,

"It is like a book
burning: built,
but few feel

comfortable looking at it.
Call it, a hobby
if you must."

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