THE MATH: (Jupiter + Moon CONJUNCT Aquarius) SQUARE (Mars + Scorpio) = Awen


Mars and Medusa,

peek through the keyhole

of the room, at the motel

Jupiter is staying in…

Medusa rests her chin
on Mars' shoulder,
behind him, "How long
has he been going 
on like this?" she asks.

"All afternoon,"
Mars whispers back
to her, "He can't snap
out of it..."

Jupiter paces, as he

recites his lines

to the drapery…

"I am Awen: poetic
frenzy.  To build

a new nation, do we
not need an ancient

past to Spring
forth, from the gap

like a sapling?
My memory is a myth

that will feed us.
I have set my rainbow

in the clouds, and it
shall be a sign

of the covenant, between
me, and the Earth."

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