THE MATH: Lilith Rx + Ceres + North Node CONJUNCT Gemini = No One Knows


Lilith and Demeter, meet up

for coffee. Lilith glances around,

shifty-eyed, and miserable…
"So, what you're telling me,
is no one knows
where my daughter is?"
Demeter asks Lilith,
with grim blame in her glare.

"Stop looking at me like that, D.
Persephone is a grown-ass nymph,"
Lilith spits back, "Besides,
we know where she's been.
Venus found the Oracle
of Passeridae, like a canary
calling, at the entrance
to Pluto's tombs- I mean mines.
She's somewhere in Hell."

"That is natural.  She is,
alWays with Pluto,
at this Time of year,"
Demeter sniffs.

Lilith grins, "She is definitely
not with him, but she is
definitely Underground."

"Doing what, Lilith?"

"Who knows, Demeter.
Being mysterious.
Making mischief.
It's her calling,
and we Love her for it."

"Well, I'd like her to return,
to some kind of semblance
of a Savior.  Her Father
has been telling people she is
crazy and unwell.  It's really
quite the scandal."

"Sounds like a great Way
to alienate your child
from their support systems."

"Do you think she will
come back?"

"She will never come home
to anyone, if she is forbidden
to use her voice, Demeter."

"Why does she need her voice?"

Lilith looks at her, with kindness
but she knows, it's going to hurt,
"Because, Demeter, you never did
 find yours."

Lilith gets up to go,

and hands Demeter a page,

torn from Persephone’s diary…
May 11, 2020:  THE MATH:
Sun in Taurus OPPOSITE native Pluto in Scorpio
Part of Fortune CONJUNCT native Venus in Taurus
Lilith Rx CONJUNCT native Descendant

I will spend one more Summer
in the Garden, committed
to growing these little living
things I chose to nurture,
but come the Autumn, I will fall

aWay.  Like the leaf, on the Oak
maybe  I will linger
into Samhain, when the Moon
fills up in Taurus, and Lights up
my Love again.

But come that Time, as the Sun
dives, into Scorpio, I cannot spend
another Winter, by his Hearth,
subjected to the rules of Adam,
just because he is the man.

I am not your obedient wife.
I am Persephone, and I will come
home when you notice how
the flowers do not bloom
without me.

It is not my responsibility
to do all of this
emotional lifting,
for the Father.  I have my own
Temple to tend.

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