THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Gemini) SEXTILE (Chiron Rx + Aries) = if you are Lucky


Lilith tells Chiron a secret…

My Father never wanted me
to lie, so he'd punish me
until my brain was fried 

 and starving for Love, apologizing
for reacting, when I would
cry, over the things he did

to tease me.  "It is your fault,
Lili.  Go to your room
until you can be

a part of this family."
When you grow like that
you just think, "This is

how it is."  When you realize,
that isn't true, the world
breaks open, and you see

how much more is false.  It can be
hard, to learn new dances, even
though you really want to.

That is how Life moves;
vascular tissue, passing you
through the body

of a python.  Digesting,
it recycles you.  It continues
like this: Becoming something

to become swallowed, and digested.
Opening openings,
until your dying day,

if you are Lucky,
and are not made
brain dead, before that.

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