THE MATH: (Mercury + Sagittarius) TRINE (Eris + Aries) = Pillars of the Earth


Mercury calls Eris…

"So, Eris, how was
your date with Venus?"
Mercury asks.

Eris flips her hair,
"She's too fluffy
for me M."

Mercury pauses,
 and she can hear him,
grinning, "Were you
ranting, again?" He asks.

Eris sighs, "I was pointing
out the obvious.  Besides,
she asked me questions."

"Eris," Mercury begins,
"Conversations are like 
ping-pong.  Think of
a question, like a paddle.
The objective is to keep
the ball bouncing."

"Why does conversation
have to have an objective?"

"Why are you so

Eris shrugs, "I read,
'Pillars of the Earth',
when I was like, 12,
and no one talked 
to me about it."

Mercury laughs,
"OK, that's one Way
to explain it."

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