THE MATH: (Moon + Athena CONJUNCT Pisces) SQUARE (Vesta + Sagittarius) = Record Store Rug Dealer


Vesta stands at the bottom,

of a spiral staircase,

still on the Island…
"Athena!" hollers Vesta.

"What?!" Athena hoots back.

"Come the fuck on!
We are seriously going to
miss this ferry, if you do not."

"Okay, okay. I am
just saying goodbye
to the rugs."

"You are
so fucking annoying,
you know that?
Whine, whine,
whine for it to be
over, and Now, you are

Athena shrugs,
"Call it my least
flattering quality.  I like
flipping through them, like 
album covers, at the end 
of my toiling. When I leave 
them, stacked up
for long enough, I forget
what their combinations feel like.
Flipping through, makes me
smile, and surprises me,
whether I liked making them,
or not.  I deserve
to enjoy them.
Last. Time."

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