THE MATH: (Saturn + Aquarius) SEXTILE (Chiron Rx + Aries) = the Origin of Standing


Chiron shows Saturn

Vesta’s gamer-blog…

Saturn looks concerned, but
he can't stop reading, "WTF
is going on? Why are all the nymphs
running around, willy-nilly?"

"The Goddesses actually have
a lot of Will of their own
Saturn.  They are not nill,
at all, "Chiron responds.

"But they are not 
keeping Time with me,"
Saturn whines, in injury.

"You've been slowing down
the growth process,"
Chiron says, as he
pats Saturn, on the head.

"Well I won't stand for it,"
Saturn proclaims.

Chiron cringes, freezing
mid-pet, "I wish
you wouldn't use phrases
like that."

"Why not?" Saturn stands, 
his form growing large,
and challenging.

"'She won't stand, for him.'
It is what the farmers say,
when an ewe won't let
a ram fuck her.

She kicks back, and runs aWay.
If there are enough ewes
in the pasture, she may
get Lucky, and escape,

for a day, but she has to endure
Autumn, under his rule,
for the months she is
in estrus. If an ewe escapes

a ram's sniff,
it is usually just because 
she smells barren. 
'I won't stand for this,'

a man says, like he has
any idea, what it means
to run yourself to Death,
or be raped."

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