THE MATH: Lilith Rx + North Node CONJUNCT Gemini = Starbellies


“So Green,” Lilith

calls the Water Sprite, “I just

wanted to check in, and see
how you and Pink are doing…”

"Not being vaccinated
is like having an STD,
only you are not contagious,

and vaccinated people are
injected full of fear.
"You are still resolute

in your decision to remain
unvaccinated?" my most beLoved
interloper asks.  Pink and I imagine

we are spies, eating ice cream
with the enemy, because we Love
One-another, "As long as

 the government will let me," I call
back, because that is the reality,
Lilith.  At this point,

I will keep my choice 
as long as I have it.
I am a stubborn and sexy student,

who gets hung up on principals. 
COVID has been in my home
and I never tested positive

or had symptoms.  I do not 
know what it means. I only
know that in my community, we choose

eachother, accepting risk,
without trying to control another's
body, or placing blame on it.

That's the gamble of living.
We all get sick and die
eventually.  We take calculated

risks, to be together, as individuals,
or we choose not to be.
You have to get used to people

not choosing you, the same
as you have to get used
to people choosing you.

You are the sneech
without a starbelly,
until the script is flipped,

and suddenly, you are righteous
and popular.  The endless Game
of Success and Failure.

There is a difference
between being an anti-vaxxer,
and choosing body autonomy.

You can make a choice for your body
without having an opinion
about what another body chooses.

It is no one else's
responsibility, to keep you safe.
That is just about the oldest Myth

we have.  We construct prisons,
out of safety, making it look
like the bucolic parameters

of your white picket fence.
You can be unvaccinated,
without being an anti-vaxxer.

Step off the Wheel.
Be yourSelves."

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