THE MATH: (Sun + Sagittarius) SQUARE (Neptune + Pisces) = Snake Eyes


Persephone and Minthe,

sit straddling a barrel

in the hull of the ferry,

with a backgammon board
between them….
"I'm not fucking helping you
this Time," Minthe says
as they set up the board.

"Why not?" Persephone pouts,
and then smiles, glancing
quickly at her.

"Because you're too good,"
Minthe says, as she rolls
a joint.

"But it's only my 3rd
Time!" Persephone whines,
"And I alWays forget
about the jump and flip thing."

"Yeah, well, you also
alWays roll doubles,"
Minthe says, passing the lit
doobie, to Persephone.

"That's just because
I'm Lucky.  I'm not
a backgammon savant,"
Persephone says,
plucking the joint
from Minthe's fingertips,
and taking a puff.

"You're too good, Seph.
You see the Way
the Rivers flow,
in and through eachOther.
You're on your own.
Be warned,
I will be ruthless.
See! You just rolled
fucking doubles again."

Persephone passes the joint
back to Minthe, "It is
a magnetic thing, Minthe.  I am
just Lucky, if you can call
rolling snake-eyes,

”Are you done yet?”
asks Minthe.

”Yes?” Persephone questions.

Minthe leans in,
“Then pick up
your fucking dice,

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