THE MATH: (Moon + Neptune CONJUNCT Pisces) TRINE (Mars + Scorpio) = Lung Capacity


Persephone and Mars,

sit cloaked, in a dark and quiet

corner, below deck,
on the ferry…
"So, Persephone," Mars asks,
"You've got to tell me.
I'm so curious, what's your
strategy, in Kali Yuga?
I would love to document it
for my war books."

"Well, much like
the rest of us, I am
a consumer.  I binge
eat Karma, and then
I come up for Air.
Some people call it,
'shadow diving'."

Mars looks grossed out,
"Why TF would you do that?"

Persephone shrugs,
"I have been doing it
all my life.  At first
it was not 'voluntary'.

It is alWays happening,
it is just that
in resistance, you cannot
see it.  If you stop

watching TV, you begin
to notice how TV is
like eating someone else's
dream poop.  It is easier

to do this, but it stunts
your creative growth.
Creativity is a glyph.
It takes Time to get it

in the Air, but
once it's up, it's fucking
UP.  All parts, feeding
eachOther.  That's how

I digest Karma.
I creatively binge.
There are no garantees
about where you are going

to pop out, the other end.
Half-Way through a portal, you will
want out.  As you eat your Way through,
so shall you purge.  Get familiar

with the process, 
and you can find a sweet spot
in the Wave.  The destination is
not the point.  There is no

destination, on this ferry
ride.  When I feel I am
falling, I dive, as they say.
And with practice, you expand

your lung capacity.  You learn
the Well only gets deeper,
and you want to know,
what you do not know,

because Mystery is sexy."

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