THE MATH: Venus + Pluto CONJUNCT Capricorn = Orbiting Orion


Persephone tucks a letter

into Athena’s overalls

as she passes by her
in the fog…
Change does not have to 
be scary.  These days,
I pop champagne for Change,

even as it is taking
someone I Love, a Way
from me.  Change will

stand on your doorstep,
cool and collected,
and you will grow uglier,

the more you resist it.
You will only run
yourself to Death.

The French say, 
"You are missing
from me," reflexively;

speaking more like the Sun,
less like the Moon.
The Moon is who

you are speak to, when
you miss somebody.
"You are missing

from me," like a crater,
now a meteor,
orbiting Orion.

When we miss people,
it is not that we do not
 know where they are.

We just do not
know how
to reach them.

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