THE MATH: (Venus + Pluto CONJUNCT Capricorn) = Sugarcoating


Venus speaks,

to the ghosts and ghouls,

in the Underworld…
"There is no sugar-coating
a Pluto conjunction.  The truth
is, you can Change, or die.
Either Way, you do not

get to stay home, and if
you are Lucky, you do both.
You let the next Door open
and the last one close,

and you move through this
warren, where you are grieving,
and beginning, at the same
Time -not letting yourSelves

get too distracted by what no
longer is, and the shrinking
size of the chambers, as you
crawl forward.  Allow

the experience of Death to inform
you, about which direction to be
born.  You might calculate quickly,
you need to get the fuck out

of the tunnel, but the impact
of passing through grinds
slowly, at its own,
crushing pressure."

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