THE MATH: (Sun + Sagittarius) SQUARE (Neptune + Pisces) = A Settler’s Myth


Athena stands

at the bow of the ferry,

as the nausea passes.

She watches the ship cut,
through Open Water…
"This just doesn't feel
safe," Athena says, as she
rises and falls, with the waves.
Persephone walks up
behind her, putting a hand
over her eyes, and whispering
in Athena's ears...

"SAFETY, is a Settler's
Myth, and it keeps us
bound in trauma.
It will never be

permanent.  There could
alWays be more food
in the pantry, fewer
creeps on the streets,

a plan to fabricate
and to try to follow.
The World is equally
safe, and unsafe.

And the trauma
brain is out there,
looking for pain,
because it grew in a place

where there was a lot
of it. The World does not look
safe, for any of us
at this point.

It is about leading
yourSelves into a space
where you are OK,
just existing

for Now,
as you are: Raw,
and out in it
with the rest of us."

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