THE MATH: (Sun + Sagittarius) TRINE (Eris + Aries) = to get a B


Eris goes

to University…
I only ever took one class
in poetry.  I didn't have Time
for more, learning 3 languages,

and minoring in Art.  I was
obsessed with Color Theory,
and the puzzle of breaking a rule

to get an A.  And in
language, it was easy for me.
You put the words in
the categories in your brain,
and then they're just there 
for a while, as long as you

continue to exchange them;
pulling them in
and taking them out.

My poetry professor did
not like me, because I looked
like her, only we didn't know

until I walked in the Door.
Two fae babies, with pixie-cuts,
but one looks like she's on

mushrooms.  That was me.  My teacher
was mod, and sexy, and she played
with the boys Energy.  I was

more like competition.
I alWays found the process
of editing, interesting;

someone marking your Heart
all up with red, telling you
how to write what's in

your being.  She told me
there were words I may not use
to get an A with her, like

'recollect', 'It's too old,'
she said.  Assignments,
were never like that

in the Art department.
They wanted you to find
a Way to do what you want

to do, but 'Make it
Fashion,'  Relevancy
is how we relate

to motifs; What lies
relevant, between us.
Things were much too

revelatory, with her.
She was witty, in a lashing
kind of Way.  And I

did not know how
to court my own image.
She tried to turn aWay

a poem I wrote, because
it came in late, even though
she let the boys do it.

I wrote her an e-mail,
because she was too scary
to talk to.  I told her how

I was taking her class
because I could squeeze it
in, and it inspired me,

and it was really crushing
my spirit to see
I was not being given

the same leniency,
when I really cared
and I was overwhelmed

and I was drowning
in emptiness.
And yeah I know,

I'm not a great poet,
but I really Love,
to come to class.

All she said was,
'I can't refuse a plea
like that.'  She let me

turn it in.
I think I got a
B minus.

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