THE MATH: (Mars ENTERS Sagittarius) OPPOSITE (Lilith + Ceres + N. Node CONJUNCT Gemini)= the Rain woke me up


Mars calls Lilith, “Lili,”

he says, “I found these,

thoughts in my pocket, I think,

they’re yours,” Mars recites

a poem to her…

"The Rain woke me up

out of the Dream I was
weaving, on my windowsill.
"Okay," I stopped,
"I'll simply step outside."

Soaking clothes, as dry meets
cold.  It is uncomfortable
to start on your Way
to sopped.

But then, the feeling
of IN begins.  It broadens
the view, as if the Sky were
just a room.  I was

pulled into the steam
as the Rain dove down.
The Air was feeling colder
Now, and the pond warm,

holding the gathered heat
of Day, against my soggy
shins.  I sliced in
through the Way

the Water cools in layers.
A science that it marked
upon my skin.  I swam
up, to my eyes, looking

through the droplets,
hearing the hum on my fingers
suspended just beneath
the Water wall.

I dove back into the Deep,
and for a second feared
all the Dark that held me
and the rhythm it beat;

like grains of rice on a drum
to rest inside the thrum
of Water, making it's Way
back Home.

The Rain woke me up."

"Yeah," Lili says,
"That's me, friend."

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