THE MATH: ((Moon + Aries TRINE Sun + Sagittarius) SQUARE Neptune + Pisces) = Parable of the Prodigal Sun


Persephone comes back

to the bow, to check in

on Athena again…

"So, when do we
get off this thing?"
Athena says, referring 
to the Ferry.

"What really is
Time, Athena?"
Persephone asks.

"Is there something
you'd like to tell me,

"Well it all just
kind of depends..."
Persephone trails.

"On what?" Athena darkens.

"On the Whether," Seph shrugs.

"The weather looks fine,"
Athena says, gazing
at the blue Sky.

"Yeah, but the Whether,"
Persephone emphasizes,
using the railing to push
herself backwards, and launch
up with a wave.

"Like Dr.
Fairly-Whethered, kind of
weather?" Athena's face falls.

"Yes," Persephone grins,
"I think it's safe
to say we can expect
some whether, coming.
But chill, Athena, we've got
friends, and food, and-"

"-No real desire
to go too far
except in search 
of you, Persephone?"
Athena interjects,

"Yes!" Seph beams,
"And I am right
Here.  I like to imagine
the nymphs came marching
two by two, and Now
we are on Noah's Arc.
While we're Here,
why don't you teach us
Taekwondo, or something?"

"I am only fluent
in Flow Arts, Persephone."

"oooOooh, like hula
hooping?" Persephone asks,
as she mimes a hoop move
that could be the whip
of a lasso.

Athena smiles, "Yeah,
like that."

"Perfect.  The nymphs
will Love that.  Lili alWays
used them, to protect us,
in the the Night,
at the music.  If a girl was
too fucked up, and seeking
shelter, they tended to flock
to her.  She would toss them
in a hoop.  Focused
on the rhythm, you can find
a safe haven.  And when
your orbit falters,
you are alWays forgiven.
Lili liked to call it,
'Making a radius.'
Persephone smiles, and drifts
off, in reverie.

"Where is Lili
anyWays?" Athena asks,

A drop of worry, faster than
a splash of sea spray, hits
Persephone's face,
"The Teacher Walks,"
she says.

"What do you mean?"
Athena asks.

"Have you ever read,
the Parable of
the Prodigal Son,

He asks me to tell him
how I feel, and what I need
and then he fights me on it.

Every step of the Way,
he declares I am not real,
and battles for control

over my blood.  This is war;
this will he seeks to seize
over my being; where it goes,

and what it does.  This is
my Homeland.  These are my roots.
I cherish them as much as I

reject them.  And I will
name mySelf, for the Settler
I am, whether he will or won't.

I often don't enjoy being
around him, but I love him.
I see the Sacred in this

piece of Earth he has tended,
and I see the Sacred in the Way
he talks about the Instant

Knowing, when he first set foot
within.  The Earth he has preserved
speaks to me also, and I am dying

to be a part of it's Evolution,
when he needs help holding
a higher vision for his Eden.

But I will wander the Earth,
creating Time, until I can
come Home.
"Who is the Prodigal Son?"
Athena ask.

"It is you, Athena,
It is me, Persephone.
It is Vesta.
It is Lilitu."

"Well if it's all
of us, what about

Persephone shrugs,
"Medusa is doing
her own thing."

"Why do we have to be
sons?" Athena asks.

Persephone smiles,
"You can move aWay
from the literal translation
if you want to Athena.
Have you ever read,
the Priestess and the Veil?"

"No, hit me with it."

I Love the grey of my life.
Each color bursts, inside
of it.  Moss mint, and lemon

hay.  The blue in the crows
feather, the purple of the
pricker bush, glows with neon

brightness.  Afloat in this
neutrality, the Sun too,
changes itSelf; Scintillating

fog, revolving in dewy pastures,
sweetening the Air with Earth.
I am most at home in this

gloom, and it's thickness.
The Deep collecting on my
clothes.  The tousled Mist,

a wall of shrouding.
Here, the Witching Hour
is all hours

the son walks veiled.

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