THE MATH: (Pallas Athene + Pisces) SEXTILE (Uranus + Taurus) = Birthday Suit


Athena lays sleeping,

curled around a mast

on open Seas…
"Athena!" Venus startles her
awake, "I need a jumpsuit."

"I'm retired," Athena says,
as she rubs her eyes,
and closes them again.

"Good thing I stopped in
at the Island, and picked up
Mothra then!" Venus beams,
holding up a familiar
looking sewing machine.

Athena lifts her head
to look at it, and then
lays back down again,
"How did you even get Here,
Venus?  We have
been at Sea for days."

Venus tilts her head,
to line her eyes up
with Athena's gaze, "You made
a portal to the Night
Sea, on the Island, so
I just jumped in,
while I was there."

"I really never want 
to sew again, Venus."

"But it's your skill!"
Venus exclaims, "And
it's my birthday.  Besides,
do this, and I'll teach you
a secret for the Sea Sickness."

"Fine," Athena relents.

"Excellent!"  Venus tosses
Athena, 3 yards of black
velvet, with gold cheetah
print, "Let's do this,"
she grins.

"I have to warn you,"
Athena says, as she finds
her Way out, from underneath
the heavy fabric,
"I am pretty pattern
Making a labyrinth,
and making a war-gown,
are two very different

Venus rolls
her eyes, "I'll cut
the pattern mySelf.
Just sew the dang thing."

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