THE MATH: (Venus + Pluto CONJUNCT Capricorn) = Nightsweats


Pluto wakes up, sweating,

from a dream. He reaches

blindly, for his notebook

by the bedside. He writes it
"The Light falls
as Night hauls
dark velvet sheets

across the sky.  The Blackness
bleeds, down whispering
leaves, dripping sleep

into the sparrow's eyes.
He knows that he should rest,
if he good-morrows Sun

will best, and beat the evil
that infects, to gain
the vile child's nest.

So doing as his custom to,
most each and every evening,
within an empty notch

he creeps, a lone
eye, steeled, against
a seige."
Pluto reads the Word over,
to himSelves, darkening,
"Not mine," he raves, "Not mine
again!  It's hers,
my mind: The Oracle
of Passeridae."

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