THE MATH: (Mars + S. Node CONJUNCT Sagittarius) OPPOSITE (Ceres + N. Node CONJUNCT Gemini)= Nesting Dolls


Mars opens the Door

in from his reverie…

where he had been dreaming
on the deck, about Medusa.

"Something has changed,"
he thinks, as he walks in on

a sensual dance party, exploding,
in the belly of the boat.

He quickly makes himself
a Wall-Flower.  Like the lining

of the uterus, he knows
he'll be shed eventually,

but for Now, he is unseen,
and a part of the festivities

-not yet a sacrificial 
King.  He watches

the Feminine test the strength
of her container.  He looks

around, for what is it, that might
be holding all of this Womanhood?

Then, he witnesses Persephone,
moving in wide arcs, around them.

The Nymphs make eyes
with her, as she comes close

to this One, or that One,
with a dip, or a disco-finger.

"There's the One they are
testing," he whispers,

"From Here, I will hold
the One Who is Holding."

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