THE MATH: (Uranus + Moon CONJUNCT Taurus) TRINE (Juno + Capricorn) = Righteously


Persephone and Minthe

work a shift, flipping

crepes, for the boat babes…
"I really want to send Pluto
this song, 'Righteously'."
Persephone says.

"Don't do it," replies Minthe,
"Put it on the crepe
-making playlist."

"Why can't I send it?"
Persephone protests.

Minthe shrugs,
"Play it for us instead."

"Why?" Persephone asks.

"Because you are on
a ferry full of hot nymphs.
We are safe to dance Here,
and that song rips,"
smiles Minthe.

"I know, it's good, isn't it?"
Persephone beams and twirls.

"Watch this," Minthe says,
as she discretely changes
songs on Spotify, fading
the last one out, and turning
the next one up. 'Righteously' comes
on, and no one really
notices, or stops what they are
doing, but the belly
of the ship starts swaying,
with soft hips...

A grin slowly creeps over
Persephone's face, body frozen,
holding a spatula, watching them.
Minthe nudges her in the ribs,
"See?" Minthe says, "Get out there,
and do what you do best.
Twirl the nymphs around.
Teach them how to partner
dance.  Be the man.
Make a radius.
Protect them, like Lilith does."

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