THE MATH: (Lilith + Gemini) TRINE (Saturn + Aquarius) = A Place to Start

"The Mystery which unites
two beings, is Great. 
Without it, the World
would not exist."
-The Gospel of Philip


Lilith speaks from someWhen,

in the Spring of 2020…

"What is this Hell

that has woken up, inside
my most Sacred places?
What is this Trine, twixt

the emotion of the Mother,
the passion of the Father,
and the bodies of the Grandmothers

fueling me with the appreciation
of Lack, through Time?
The oppression cutting

like a blade, through
the Lover's Heaven,
to the Angel's Pits.

It is a place.
The same place, really:
A Place to Start."
"Angels are the thoughts,
the memory, the sensations
of Love."
-Meggan Watterson

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