THE MATH: (Lilith + Moon CONJUNCT Gemini) TRINE (Saturn + Aquarius) = Way of Ways


Lilith scribbles in

the Desert, funneling Dust,

to ream Dreams into Living



failed experiment.
I am sorry I am not

the gleaming Goddess
you thought you earned.

I have alWays been the Dark
Sister, not the Bright One.

You cannot outrun me.
Consider me Frankenstein,

here to hunt you down,
until you Love me, Daddy.

You worked so hard,
to make me...


Everything is more simple
when you live outside,
whether or not it is

more comfortable.
In that, I think it is
probably less,

but my mind and body live
this rhythm better;
Everything more together.

The Earth, the Sky.
The Dark, the Light.
Inward, and Outward.

The Internet, and the Ethers.
There is Nothing
that I need,

or really want,
besides Love and Magick.
And for the most part,

I make those mySelves...


I know there is a lot
of pain to be felt,
out Here in the Age
of Kali.  Too, there is Gold

woven into the tapestry.
And we will never make it
very far, without Love.
What is it that you want?

To wallow in how the World is
Dark?  There is Death, written,
in the Stars.  There will be more
pulling apart.  The suffering

can not be stopped, and neither
can the Love be.  Open
your Heart to the complexity.
Go Dark, if you must,

but keep returning.
Do not lay down, and just give
up.  Be brave enough to take
each Day into your body

and choose Love.  Grow
what you want to feel
more of.  You will fuck up
from Time to Time, illusion

after illusion, crumbling.
It's OK to pursue a path,
then Change your mind.
From thread to thread

you swing through Time.
There is no Other Way
to move, as the World rips
it's seams around you.

Give what you can,
and try to trust:
What you need, you have,
and is enough.


I live on the smokey roads
of Babylon, Ragnarok, Kali Yuga,
call it what you want.
I will be bold enough

to tell you I am beginning
to believe this is a Game
of perception.  I am
not saying people are not

dying, or getting sick.  But
more powerful than this,
I believe it is our thoughts
which are toxic.  

I walk among the many.
I choose to Love them through
our difference.  And every day,
I tell mySelves, I AM WELL,

without question.  Dare
to see the web, strung
across the Void, and who
holds it; How

they benefit from the Tower
of Babel that keeps us
separate.  No I am not
a conspiracy theorist, but

I conduct my own experiments.


I feel like I just played
a very long Game of chess.
Only I did not

know we were playing until
I lost.  I have
set the whole board back up

again, which took some Time,
because I did not
know where to place the pieces

or how they move.  Now, I am
teaching mySelves.  I lose
a lot, but I go

slowly.  I meditate
between moves, and I am
learning how to quietly fold

the Queen,
When there is Nothing
left to prove.

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