THE MATH: (Neptune + Pisces) SQUARE (Lilith + Moon CONJUNCT Gemini) = You See It


Neptune speaks

to Lilith, in a dream…

"Can you bear to feel
Love, coming from Nothing
outside of you? Do you dare
to hold Love, as Waves of Empty

crash into you?  Only stories
of all you have missed,
and how you were sapped.
Only tides of Nevermore.

Can you bear to Open,
even more?  Do you dare
to let waves soften you,
and take you at their whim?

Let them carry you to a new
shore, 'cross the Tides
of Nevermore.  Let yourSelves be
lost in them.  In the Now,

let life happen.
You have alWays been
lost in this Sea,
the difference is, Now

you see it."

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