THE MATH: (Moon + Lilith CONJUNCT Gemini) INCONJUNCT (Pluto + Capricorn) = Princes “R” Us


“What’s up with

your Face?” the Moon

asks, as she walks into the Desert.
Lilith looks up
from her computer,
"Lucy is heavy today."

"Usually, that makes you
mad.  And I'm Here, all full,
and buzzing.  Why don't you
look mad?"

"I've been told, I have
a very expressive face.
I find it difficult to hide
my feelings, if I am not
neurotically smiling,"
Lilith says, blankly.

"So what is this?"
the Moon asks, gesturing
at Lilith's whole visage.

"I don't know yet,"
Lilith shrugs, "Waves."

The Moon flips her hair,
"Why do you have to be
such an Internet Sad Girl?"

Lilith shrugs more deeply,
"There is no other Way
to guard yourSelves 
against flattery, than by making
Men understand that telling the truth
will not offend you."

"Where TF
did you get that?"
Moonie asks.

Lilith says, "I'm in
Lucy's book club.
He calls it, 'Princes "R" Us'."

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