THE MATH: (Pallas Athene + Pisces) SQUARE (Lilith + Gemini) = like a Faerie


Athena calls Lilith,

crying, “But I’m almost 30.

Who am I? An old crone?

What am I supposed to be?”
...Lilith Speaks...

"You'll change your mind
when you meet the Right
person," is the common

reaction, when I tell
people, "I don't want to
have kids."  I LOVE kids.

Auntie LiLi, for the win,
but who knows if I would have
survived 29, without knowing

unmarried, unmothered Women,
in their 40's and 50's.
They inspire me, and make me strong.

I would like to be that kind
of Woman, who dares to do
something different, rather than

squeeze herSelves into a pattern
unfit for her.  Kids
need creative people, who care

about their Heart-Minds; A Faerie,
coming and going,
like a Sunshower watering

their Spirit, like a place
to unwind, like Auntie
Lili.  I can be that.

That pattern is mine.

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