THE MATH: (Venus + Pluto CONJUNCT Capricorn) INCONJUNCT (Moon + Gemini) = Venus Pre-Rx Inklings


Lunita comes to Venus

in a Dream. Venus wakes,

and writes it down,

in the Underworld…

The Moon is a snapping turtle.
Queen of the mud, and fresh
Water.  She pours a mouthful

of gravel, into my hands,
from the bottom of a meadow
pond.  She speaks...
"I can only speak
for mySelves.

I cannot speak your Way.
Will you do it?

Will you Open
your mouth, and dare

to hear more than one
distinct voice, bubbling

up from you, like pebbles,
which have never seen

 the Light of Day?  I find,
if you follow them,

they eventually flow
into a natural conclusion.

Like a River,
into Ocean.

Like the gravel,
in your hands."

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