THE MATH: (Mars + Sagittarius) TRINE (Chiron + Aries) = A Warrior’s Dance


Mars gives a speech,

too the newly wakened armies

of the Dead, that Venus released…

A Warrior’s Dance

"If you are feeling caught
in the Undertow, BE HELD
my friend.  You are right IN Time.

Jupiter and Saturn have moved
into Aquarius, but Pluto is still
ripping the tide in Capricorn. 

The Dark Underbelly is being
revealed.  The skeletons are
washing up on the Shores of Low-Tide.

The question is, how will you dance
Here? And how can you,
with the new set of limitations

this dynamic proposes? We are 
no longer waltzing through fiery
delusions.  Even the Kings of Swords

have lost their courtly veneers,
and their Tower is crumbling.
This groove, is more like Capoeira:

A Warrior’s Dance.  It will help you,
if you can find others
to circle in with, and let them

improvise in the middle for a bit,
while you clap, and carry
the rhythm for them.  Notice

the wonder of what the Real
Ones around you have to offer.
Who else is awake Here?

Who else can look you in the eye?
Who else wants to witness you, 
as you witness them?  Who else

sees the Gift of Life, running
through you, and around you?
There is so much fear.

It does not need your help
to thrive.  Turn your Hearts
towards each other, if you are able.

Celebrate the unique genius
of the Other, and boldly 
begin to shelter

a Dance of Earth."
"That was really good Mars"
Venus whispers, "I Loved it."

"Thanks," Mars whispers back
to her, from the corner of his mouth,
waving and smiling, at the army,
"I wrote it last January,
when I finally entered Taurus,
and got the fuck out of Aries."

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