THE MATH: (Pluto + Venus Rx CONJUNCT Capricorn) = Run, then.


Pluto calls Venus,

to the Throne Room,

to be judged…
"Venus darling, it appears that
you are starting Wars," Pluto 
lays out a velvet sentence,
from where he sits
upon his throne.

"How could you accuse me,
of doing such a thing?"
Venus says, in a doe-eyed pout,
spreading her own
honey across the Throne
Room floor, "It is against
my Whole Philosophy."

"Let me put it down
on you, Dear," rumbles
the gravel, in Pluto's voice,
"There was..." He flicks
his wrist, and a scroll unfurls,
from his fingertips.

"What is this?  A Naughty,
or Nice list?"  Venus
teases him, under her
breath.  Pluto pretends not
to hear it...

"-The Time you sheltered
Mars in his exile.

-The Time you stole
DNA, to aid Saturn in creating
a clone army of Uranus.

-The Time you ritualized
the Death of Love, with Uranus.

-The Time you released,
the worst offenders of All Time,
back into the Middle World."

He stops there, and looks over
the top of his reading
glasses, expectantly at her.

Venus pauses, to let it
all land, and then, softly
corrects him, "To be clear,
Mars was only in exile,
because he was doing
your dirty work."

Pluto darkens,
"Must you alWays harp
on the One False Thing,
when there are 3 other
Truths, laid out,
right in front of you?"

Venus smiles, "No,
It's True, I've been...
loosening things.
I'm sorry, I must have
got lost on the elevator.
I meant to wake up the boys
in the Elysian Fields, not Tartarus,"
Venus explains, as she crosses
her fingers, behind her.

"I do not wish
for my Underworld
to unravel, Venus,"
Pluto explains, wearily.

Venus blows him
a kiss, "Sucks
to be you, babe."

"I won't stand for this,
Venus," Pluto innervates. 

Venus laughs, cruelly,
"Run then, bitch."

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