THE MATH: Venus Stations Rx CONJUNCT Pluto in Capricorn = Valhalla


In the Underworld, Venus

sneaks off, when Pluto isn’t

looking. She whispers

to the grave

-stones, in Tartarus….

"Dear Ones, the Darkness

will continue to bubble to the
surface with the Light.  They do
not amplify outside each other.
This is the greatest Love 
story of All Time. We 

can only choose to feel whatever 
we need to, and find the freedom 
to internally make ourselves
from that place -No Matter 
how the curfews come, 

with a side of censorship, 
or how vaccinations become 
mandates. No Matter how well
you are liked or disliked, 
for standing in whatever is

true for you, as you are
saying it.  We are All
walking triggers, blowing crud
loose from each-other's brains.  
That’s your job. See the thought

forms of fear, lack, control and 
victimhood rise, braying; shaking 
out their flowing manes.  Welcome
to Ragnarok.  Die on the sword
of your own illusions, every Day.

Warriors, wake from your Valhalla."

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