THE MATH: (Neptune + Pisces) SQUARE (Vesta + Sagittarius) = The Death Star


Persephone and Vesta,

get a breath of fresh air,

a little worn out from shaking

their shit, on the ferry…
"Persephone!," Vesta gasps,
"What is this bright
Star, in the Sky, rising
above the Dreaming Sea?"

Persephone gazes where Vesta points,
"That's the Philosopher's 
Stone," she says, evenly.

"I want to go there,"
whispers Vesta, all a-Dream.

Persephone looks her,
up and down, "You won't
make it, without the Torch."

"Why not?"

"Because once you get up there,
you have to Light it, yourSelves.
You need the Torch
that can get wet, if you want to
sail the Dreaming Sea,
on a Death Star,
in a Clone War."

"But it looks like
it's already lit,"
Vesta says, puzzled.

"It is," Persephone inclines
her head, "but it won't be
by the Time you get there.
You'll have to jump it,
to get it running."

"Okay well, put me in
coach," Vesta says, 
as she bounces on the balls
of her feet.

"You know where
the Ocean Door is,
take yourSelves there.  Or,
hop in the River
of Styx, and ask yourSelves
how to get there,
up to you."
Persephone turns
on her heel, to return
to the dance party.

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