THE MATH: WINTER SOLSTICE : Vulcan ENTERS Capricorn = Handiboiz


Lilith calls Venus,

as she watches Vulcan fixing her

truck, in the Dawn after Solstice…
"I still don't get
why you chose to marry
Vulcan, Venus," Lilith word 
vomits, as she hands
Venus's husband, the welder.
Vulcan gives Lilith a kick
in the shin, of recognition,
"I heard that,"
he says from underneath
Lilith's trusty, rusty
steed, Road Rage.

On the other line,
Venus smiles, hearing
his voice, as she plays
with the straps of her
war-gown, "What do you
know about Handiboiz,

Lili towers over Vulcan's
feet, tilting her head, as she
considers the question,
and Vulcan's steel-toes.
She kicks the punky sole
of his foot, in retaliation to
the shin-dig, "They Love

"Okaaaay, what else?"
Venus asks.

"That's it,"
Lilith shrugs.

"Well, I Love them,"
Venus proclaims.

"Why though, Venus?" Lilith
digs in, and crouches down,
to watch Vulcan do his thing.

Venus bursts into  a stream
of adoration...

"Lili, you know it's hot,
when One can make
his own reality. 
And just wait, until
a Handiboi, handles you
like a block of wood.
'The Master knows the utensils,
but keeps to the block,'
as Lao Tzu would
say.  He holds you,
in his hands, assessing
the direction of the grain,
getting a feel for the weight
of your shape.  There is care,
in his touch.  There is Hereness.
There is Enough.  And you won't want
to let go, as he pulls you
out of his own embrace,
by firmly holding you a Way.
He steadies you, on your own
axis, like a lump of clay
on a turn-table. You are
an object, in the best Way.
You are contained."

"But what about your mind?"
Lilith says, "Who is holding
your brain?"

"I hold my own mind,
Lilith.  For that there is
no satiation.  It's a trap,
Lilith, if it's all Word,
and no Tongue. That is
how Lucifer keeps you
alone in a web, a World
a-Way from everyone."

"So its a Seas of Kiss, thing,"
Lilith says, comprehending.

"What are you two
talking about?" Vulcan 
interjects, pulling out
from under Road Rage, in
response, to hearing
the buzz Word.

"Your wife says, Hi."
Lilith tells him.
"And she wants to Tongue you."

Vulcan Lights up, without
a Word, and eases him
Selves back under.

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