THE MATH: (Vesta + Sagittarius) SQUARE (Neptune + Pisces) = in Search of the Dreaming Sea


Vesta scribbles in her,

notebook, at the reception

desk, in the Library…
"Excuse me, hi, I'm Andy,
and I'm looking
for the Dreaming Sea,"
a Wanderer says as he walks
up to Vesta, waking her
from her waking dream.
He looks like he might be
a retired Sheriff,
or a Detective...

She blinks, "The only Way 
to get to the Dreaming
Sea, is through
the Ocean Door."

"OK," Andy says, with an edge
of annoyance in his voice, "So,
where is it?"

Vesta cocks her head at him,
Do you want to go
the long Way, or the short Way?"

Andy plays with his beard,
considering it,
"What are the major

Vesta takes a deep breath,
"Well, to go the short Way,
you do a Warrior's Dance,
which opens a portal
to the Way of Ways.
Then, You See It,
and there's the Ocean Door."

"OK," Andy says,
"And the long Way?"

"You Play at Finding
by opening the Nesting Doll.
Then, you Righteously Belong,
tell a Ghost Story,
get crushed by the Moon,
turn your powder into Sugar Coating,
and there's the Ocean Door."

"That sounds violent,"
Andy speculates.

Vesta shrugs, "It is
just one Way to go.
Take the easy -I mean
short Way, if you wish.
I've really got to
get back to this..."
Vesta trails, as she glances
down, at her notebook.
She looks back up at him,
"Oh, I almost forgot,
there is a third Way."

"And what's that?"

"You go to the Starting Place,
Meet the Morrigan,
play a game of Clue,
Run for it,
Wake up Tartarus,
hit the Way of Ways again,
and then You See It
-the Ocean Door, that is,"
she pauses, to study him,
"No Matter what,
you've got to get there
by the Thread."

"OK, thanks.."
Andy says, turning a-Way,
"fucking weirdo,"
he mutters,
under his breath.

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