THE MATH: (Lilith + Cancer) SQUARE (Chiron + Aries) = Kiss my @zz

Even if these decibels of grey

tones do not ring to the clear

sound of pure Light

that I chase into the Center

of my Heart, they are sure

to improve the illumination

in the Opus of the Soul,

and so I can declare them

Holy All the Same”

-Lilith in the Garden


Lilith floats on her back,

as the Sea holds her.

She writes in her, Rite-in

the-Rain, water-proof notebook…
People who mean
you harm, will hold
your failures over

your head, 
like a bad dream,
they do not want you to wake

up from.  They rake over
your scars, and call it
accountability, "Remember

when you over-reacted?"
your traumatizer will say,
as he hopes to make you

feel the shame of a Time
he cooked you grey.
Yes, I remember.  I remember

you.  I remember
me.  And you can kiss
my ass, Now,


“One day voracious anger preyed

upon her. It cooked her mind

into molten hysteria.

Now wanting gnaws, that All

sparrows should suffer.

Her body boils wrathful

passion, distilling poison

with each breath. As suitors soar,

to Dae, they’re sworn, to doom

– her weapon: exhaled Death.”

-The Oracle of Passeridae

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