THE MATH: (Moon + Virgo) SQUARE (Vesta + Sagittairus) = Sister


Vesta finds an old Love

note the Moon once wrote,

drifting down a dusty hall

-Way, in the Library…


there is something
about us.  The whispers
seep from the walls
of this familiar hall,
as footsteps creep,

down, into memory, roaring.
Our tiny hands, tracing simple
outlines over tiny spines,
by MoonLight painted dreams
upon each-other's backs,

and they grew thick
with the layers of Love
they left behind.
I feel you Here, beneath
these tired covers,

upon this squeaky frame;
bound by something
more than just an imprint found
amongst these crowded cobwebs
that link your beating Heart,

to mine.  And though the miles
stretch, and strain the veins
-they pulse between us.
And when you laugh, I feel
your smile pull.  It tickles

at the dimple, that is
so alike my own.


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